Engineered to outperform



Engineered to Outperform

3Rwave is engineered by more 20 years experienced engineers in design, manufacturing, and troubleshooting to satisfy customers.


Competitive Price and Short Lead Time

3Rwave has a strong manufacturing capability to meet customer’s needs in quantity and quality with a short lead time at a competitive price.


Various Microwave Devices Ranged from 10MHz to 100GHz

3Rwave has integrated theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences in microwave that enable us to design and manufacture microwave devices ranged from 10MHz to 100GHz as well as implement various reliability tests and qualification programs to satisfy customers who want robust products.


Products Lineup

3Rwave provides microwave devices to commercial telecommunication manufacturers as well as military and industrial manufacturers who are looking for reliable and cost competitive products.


Custom Products

3Rwave provides high quality custom products to meet various customer’s demands. 3Rwave’s capabilities to design and manufacture custom products are the result of engineering expertise in design, manufacturing and quality control.